Southern Reporting is an independently owned reporting agency
serving southern Illinois, southeast Missouri, western Kentucky, and
southwestern Indiana.   Valeri Bleyer, CSR, RPR, an Illinois Certified
Shorthand Reporter for over 25 years, is the founding owner of
Southern Reporting.  She is a member of the National Court
Reporting Association.  

After completing training at Southern Illinois University in 1982, Valeri
started reporting in January of 1983 under the name of Minton
Reporting, which was changed to Southern Reporting in 1988.  At the
time of its inception, Valeri was the only working reporter.  After a year
of solo practice, another local reporter relocated to Texas and the
volume of work increased substantially.  In 1985 Lori Rogers came to
work and an actual "agency" was formed.  Over the years a number
of freelance reporters have worked through Southern Reporting.  At
this time we have eight Certified Shorthand Reporters.

While Southern Reporting is the largest agency in downstate Illinois,
we are still careful to maintain the high-quality service, support,
convenience, and ethical standards that are critical to client
Certified Shorthand Reporters
About Southern Reporting
Southern Reporting
PO Box 36
Marion, IL 62959