Certified Shorthand Reporters
Southern Reporting
Southern Reporting is pleased to announce the availability of realtime
court reporting services.  See our realtime page for more information.
Southern Reporting has Illinois Certified Shorthand Reporters and
Missouri Certified Court Reporters to meet all your litigation needs.  
We provide court reporting services in a variety of settings.
Southern Reporting, Marion, IL
Southern Reporting
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Marion, IL 62959
Going Green!
Southern Reporting is committed to helping the environment.  As a
paper-intense industry, we all need to do our part to minimize
environmental impacts and set an example for our industry.  

Effective immediately, we are offering a 5% discount if you chose to
have your transcripts delivered exclusively electronically.  This will
result in a noticeable reduction in use of paper, toner, gasoline, and
postage fees, as well as a reduction in storage space.

This change will not affect the high level of professional services,
timely and accurate transcripts, and dependable court reporters you
have come to expect from Southern Reporting.

Southern Reporting is Going Green to save you Green!